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svjetsk dan hrane 2013

Celebrating the World Food Day International conference „Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition“ Osijek, 16 October 2013

Friday September 27th, 2013 9:15

Under the high auspices of PhD Ivo Josipović, the President of the Republic of Croatia and under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia, the Croatian Food Agency (HAH) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) will hold a conference to celebrate the World Food Day.

The conference entitled as „Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition” will take place in Osijek, Croatia on 16 October 2013.

What would a sustainable food system look like? Is it possible to get from here to there? What would need to change to move us in that direction? What is the current situation and what have we learned in practice? These are just some of the questions that will be answered during the conference by respectable Croatian and foreign speakers.

The event will be an opportunity for representatives of food authorities, agriculture cooperatives, the industry, consumer’s organizations, universities, research institutes and other stakeholder groups, from Croatia and region, to meet, exchange views and discuss models of possible future collaboration.

The conference will be held in both, Croatian and English, and interpretation will be provided. There is no fee for registration.

Deadline for registration is 10 October 2013. Registration can be submitted via web form at  or phone number +385 31 227 600.


svjetsk dan hrane 2013

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