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Panel on Biological Hazards

Prof. D. Sc. Lidija Kozačinski, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb – Chairperson

Doc. D. Sc. Andrea Humski, Croatian Veterinary Institute

D. Sc. Andrea Benussi Skukan, Food Control Center, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology

D. Sc. Relja Beck, Croatian Veterinary Institute

D. Sc. Ivančica Kovaček, Andrija Stampar Teaching Institute of Public Health

Panel Coordinator:
M. Sc. Jasenka Petrić, Croatian Food Agency

The Panel on biological hazards deals with biological hazards in relations to food safety and food-borne diseases. This panel covers food-borne zoonoses, transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (BSE/TSE), food microbiology and food hygiene as well as other matching domains. The Panel also proposes, designs and evaluates scientific studies necessary for risk assessment and public health risks from food and feed as well as working on the preparation of scientific opinions related to biological hazards in food.