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Panel on Animal Health and Welfare

Doc. D. Sc. Siniša Ozimec, Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek, Chairperson

Prof. D. Sc. Boro Mioč, Faculty of Agronomy, University of Zagreb

Tomislav Mikuš, DVM, Croatian Veterinary Institute

D. Sc. Mario Škrivanko, Veterinary Institute Vinkovci – Croatian Veterinary Institute

D. Sc. Damir Kapetanović, Ruđer Bošković Institute

Panel Coordinator:
D. Sc. Dražen Knežević, DVM, Croatian Food Agency

The Panel on animal health and welfare provides independent scientific opinions and advice on all aspects of animal diseases and animal welfare. Its work mainly concerns food-producing animals, domestic and wild, including aquatic animals. With regard to animal production, in the remit of the Panel also includes feed, which can also cause adverse effects on animal health, and consequently on human health.