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Panel on Nutrition, Allergens, Novel Food and Food for Particular Nutritional Uses

Prof.D.Sc. Irena Colić-Barić, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology – Chairperson

Prof. D. Sc. Ines Drenjančević, Faculty of Medicine Osijek

Doc.D. Sc. Mirjana Turkalj, MD, School of Medicine in Split

D.Sc. Lea Pollak, Croatian Institute of Public Health

Prof.D.Sc. Daniela Čačić Kenjerić, Faculty of Food Technology Osijek

Panel Coordinator:
D. Sc. Darja Sokolić, Croatian Food Agency

Scientific Panel on nutrition, allergens, novel food and food for particular nutritional uses deals with scientific researches in these fields and provides scientific and technical opinions, consumer education, and scientific support to national healthy diet campaigns. Within the Scientific Panel, there are several working groups that gather scientists according to specific tasks such as creating a national database on food composition and base recipes for food preparation. Also, there is working group for preparation of the next national survey on eating habits of children.