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Working group on zoonoses

HAH’s Working group on zoonoses has been formed in 2014. In this way, a collaboration of all stakeholders involved in the monitoring and control of the zoonoses in the Republic of Croatia was achieved. The working group is engaged in collecting, analyzing and publishing of data about sources and detection methods of spreading zoonotic infection in humans, the extent of the appearance of zoonoses and zoonotic agents, the emergence of antimicrobial resistance, conducting epidemiological (epizootic) research, following information about diseases prevention and suppression and international cooperation as well as involvement in research programs (eg. Mediterranean Zoonoses Control Programme (MZCP) of the World Health Organization).


Members of working group and their replacements

Prof. D. Sc. Estella Prukner Radovčić, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb, Chair

Damir Rudan, DVM / Damir Tuđan, DVM, Ministry of Agriculture

Spomenka Uremović, MD, Ministry of Health / Diana Brlek Gorski, MD and Pavle Jeličić, MD, Croatian National Institute of Public Health

D. Sc. Silvio Špičić / D. Sc. Gordan Kompes, Croatian Veterinary Institute

D.Sc. Sanja Kurečić Filipović / Iva Pem Novosel, MD, Croatian National Institute of Public Health

Prof. D. Sc. Vesna Dobranić / Doc. D. Sc. Nevijo Zdolec, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb




D. Sc. Brigita Hengl, DVM, Croatian Food Agency


D. Sc. Dražen Knežević (Croatian Food Agency) participates in this working group as a representative of EFSA’s Scientific Network for Zoonoses Monitoring data.