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Danica Grahek Ogden, PhD
Scientific coordinator, Panel for biological hazards
Scientific committee for food safety
Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety (VKM)
Oslo, Norway

Thursday August 31st, 2017 14:47

Educated as DVM at University of Zagreb. First employment was as microbiologist at Institut Ruđer Bošković (Institute for Marine Research). In 1994 moved to Norway and continued to work in food microbiology at:

  • Food Safety Authority as a microbiologist at the lab

  • MATFORSK (Norwegian Food Research Institute) and Prior Norge BA as project manager for research and development projects, reporting to funding bodies and ensuring food safety throughout the chain “from farm to fork”. Projects involved identification, ranking and mitigation of risk factors using process mapping, risk assessment, change management, internal audit and training.

  • Det Norske Veritas (in Norway and for a year in the Aberdeen, UK) as a senior advisor with food safety and risk management in the area of microbiological risk assessment (biorisk) and business risk within the food sector as a main field.

  • Norwegian Veterinary Institute – project management of EU’s SAFEFOODERA project CAMPEC net

  • Norwegian Institute of Public Health- job included tasks with food borne diseases and zoonosis as a main field. Job included advisory role for health institutions and food safety authorities, development, use and maintenance of surveillance database, rapid response to and management of outbreaks and reporting to national and international bodies. Other tasks included development and management of scientific projects, preparation and delivery of lectures and training sessions.

  • I am presently employed in Norwegian scientific committee for food safety (a part of Norwegian Public Health Institute) with risk assessment of biological hazards as a main field. Job includes coordinating work of an expert panel, project management from budgeting to delivery of finished assessment and evaluation of the project. As a part of the job I am Norwegian representative in EFSAs Network for microbiological risk assessment and Advisory Forum

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