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Daniela Čačić Kenjerić

Prof. D. Sc. Daniela Čačić Kenjerić
Full Professor
Faculty of Food Technology Osijek 
Osijek, Croatia

Friday September 8th, 2017 16:47

Daniela Čačić Kenjerić received her BSc degree in Food engineering at the University of Osijek (2000), and her PhD in the scientific area of Biotechnical sciences at the University of Zagreb (2004).

Her main courses in education are Food science, Functional foods and supplements; Nutrition throughout the life cycle, Dietary assessment and nutritional epidemiology, Nutrition and sport; Weight reduction and personalized diets. She is a visiting professor at the University of Mostar (BiH) and University in Tuzla (BiH). Research activity includes dietary assessment of various population groups in Croatia, with focus on intake of dietary fibres, calcium, iron and phenolic compounds.

She took part in 37 international and 9 national scientific conferences and authored/co-authored more than 50 published scientific papers. She has taken part in the realization of 2 international projects, 3 national scientific projects and 5 professional projects.

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