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Ana Marija Crnić

Ana Marija Crnić, M.Sc.
Head of State and Border Sanitary Inspection Sector, Directorate for Health Improvement, Ministry of Health, Zagreb, Croatia

Monday October 3rd, 2016 10:58

Ana Marija Crnić has graduated from the Faculty of Food technology and Biotechnology, University in Zagreb, with the title of graduate engineer of food technology, field of biochemical engineering. After graduation, she has worked in the private sector in various positions in the field of food and hospitality. In May 2004, she began to work as a sanitary inspector in the City Office for Health, Zagreb, where she was engaged in inspection, administrative and professional tasks in the areas of the sanitary inspection jurisdiction: food safety, items of general usage, sources of non-ionizing radiation, protection of the population against infectious diseases, transport, use and disposal of chemicals and biocides, transport of genetically modified organisms, implementation of public health measures for human health protection from harmful environmental factors.

In April 2009, she started to work as a Head of Sanitary State Inspection Directorate at Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, whose scope of work, in addition to the inspection, administrative and professional activities within the competence of the sanitary inspection, also includes the strategic objectives development, reporting on the implementation of the set objectives, development of legislation in the field of sanitary inspection that are harmonized with the acquis of European Union, drafting opinions and procedures on application regulations in the field of sanitary inspection, drafting opinions and giving consent to the subordinate legislation of other government bodies in matters within the scope of the sanitary inspection. Since 2012, she is a Head of Department of State and Border Sanitary Inspection Sector at Ministry of Health.

In the past 12 years of working in sanitary inspection, she has participated in many scientific and professional conferences and educations in the field of food safety, as a participant and as a lecturer as well. She participates in the development and creation of a common policy in the field of food safety together with Ministry of Agriculture and other institutions involved in the food safety system in the Republic of Croatia.

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